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Serving boards in mango wood give a warm and lively expression. Fjølen can be used as a small dish for both cheese, tapas, charcuterie or other delicious small dishes. Wood has a fantastic play of colors and no two products are exactly alike. The product is treated with oil that reproduces the natural color and glow of the wood from the factory, but we recommend that the product be treated with vegetable oil before use. Wipe off excess oil and repeat treatment after 24 hours for best protection. In this way, the product is better equipped to withstand grease and moisture. The product is maintained by wiping with a damp cloth or brushing lightly with a dry brush. Avoid direct sunlight and heat for long periods. Do not leave the product in contact with water over time. We have full traceability of the wood used in production.

Produkt specifikationer

48 cm, mango wood, round